Planius offers its clients in the industrial, harbour, maritime, mining, arctic and construction sectors a personalized and professional service in project management related to 3D modeling and design. With strong expertise and highly-qualified employees, Planius creates, with the assistance of its customers, a complete synergy that will lead them to better understand their projects on every level: workforce, technical, financial, environmental and security.


“Change” and “innovation” are key words for our company. Thanks to its extraordinary team, Planius sets itself apart from the competition by encouraging these honorable values.

Customers and their projects

It is important to Planius to be a full partner in the success of its clients. It is thus one of our priorities to be transparent with our customers.


Planius firmly believes that success depends strongly on thriving team members, their well-being and their active participation. We value a varied and complementary expertise among our personnel, which will become one of the most important resources for each of your projects and company visions.

Professional excellence

At each stage of a project, our professionals will keep the client entirely informed, so that the customer is aware of any and all issues with the project. With this approach, professional ethics and excellence will be appreciated throughout the process.

R&D and

Planius was created with research, development and innovation in mind. For this reason, Planius believes that it is inconceivable to maintain the status quo for too long. It is essential for us to integrate and to elevate R&D and innovation as principle values in the collaboration with our various customers, in order to help them become the leaders in their respective fields.


Planius’ strength is based on our diversified expertise in project management. Throughout the years, we have developed a large network of contacts who can support a large range of specific needs relative to our clients’ projects. Your needs are our priority, and we will work hard to find the required resources.


If you wish to join a dynamic team that favors personal and professional development, Planius can be the key to attaining your goal. To apply, send your resume to the following address:

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