Project Management
3D Modeling

Presentation | Corporate report



High effeciency 3D modeling | Development support  | Conceptualization

Development of timelines | Budget analysis



Installation and manufacturing 3D and 2D methodology | Management of subcontractors | Operational report

Accounting monitoring | Determining the resources needed


Human resources

Understanding the needs in labor

3D sales tools (Internal/external) | Realistic images | 3D animations


Perfectly-integrated Solution

With its internal structure, the expertise of its employees and its cutting-edge 3D tools, Planius supports its customers in all areas of an industrial project. This innovative approach creates a synergy between the various stakeholders.

Integration Tools

Better understanding | Risk reduction
Effective management | Costs and time

3D software and equipment

Performance | Cutting edge

Reduce delays

Collaboration software

Cutting-edge expertise


Accuracy | Detail

3D library

Communication software

Real-time monitoring of projects | Transparency

Level of detail

Each level of detail supports the appropriate phase of the project while maintaining a 1:1 scale


This level of detail is the first step, which is to conceptualize in 3D the wishes of the project stakeholders.

Applications :

Development and presentation of a concept
Visualization of a concept
Sale of a concept


This level of detail is the second step, which consists of adding a second layer of detail to the 3D model in order to refine the concept developed in the first step by the project stakeholders.

Applications :

Strengthening of the accepted concept
Identification of the details and constraints to analyze


Finally, this level of detail elaborates all components of the chosen scenario in detail, in order to proceed to the manufacturing and installation.

Applications :

Manufacturing, Installation, Project management…

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