Multifunctional floating dock

Full support of our customer (before, during and after) in the complete development of a port terminal located on a floating dock exposed to heavy tides.

Roll off

From existing physical equipment, develop a complete manufacturing methodology, including the hydraulic system.

Pedestrian bridge

Assist the customer in the management of their collaborators, using a 3D model, while developing the assembly’s manufacturing and installation methodologies.

Ship bridge

Support the client’s multidisciplinary team in all stages of the project: the idea, conceptualization, solution, manufacturing methodology, purchases, management of the manufacturers, installation and project management.


Participate in the development of concepts by virtualizing them technically in order to support the different collaborators of the project: direction, sales, marketing, engineering, finance, project management, manufacturing, etc.


Assist the customer, in just-in-time, in all the aspects of the upgrading of a dredge, including management of the site and the factories responsible of manufacturing the components.

Submersible pump

Support our customer from the industrial sector in the development of the optimal solution for complex maintenance, and assist with the budget, risk management, timetable, documentation, archiving and management of the construction-site stakeholders.

Transfer point reconfiguration

From the current configuration, review completely the configuration of a transfer point with the capacity for rotation and elevation through all the different phases, from the development of the concept to its entry into service (budget, timetable, manufacturing, management of the stakeholders, work site, documentation, etc.)

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